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About Reindeer Park

We are a family run business conveniently located in the West Midlands.

Our campsite is very unique thanks to our herd of reindeer who are available to hire and was voted BEST CERTIFICATED SITE in Britain 2010.

Over the years, the Reindeer Park Lodge has entertained some very special VIP guests. Hollywood stars who have previously enjoyed our hospitality include Albert the Red Deer (the real star of Braveheart) and a troupe of Old English Long Horns (narrowly overlooked for Best Supporting Actors after their performances alongside Kevin Costner in Robin Hood). Whatsmore, we’ve played host to some of the home grown talent used in the filming of TV series such as The Secret Garden.

There is much more to this Sutton Coldfield retreat than our bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation and caravan park.